Injury Care

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Worker's compensation for injury care is a commonly used BHS service. BHS works closely with RediMed Physical Therapy and its physicians to ensure injured employees return to work as soon as possible after an injury such as a sprain, strain, abrasion, burn, laceration, contusion or eye wound.

An injured employee can visit any RediMed or BHS Clinic or any Lutheran Health Network emergency room for an initial visit. Follow-up visits and rechecks are done at the Cook Road or Time Corners BHS Clinics, which have specialists on staff experienced in treating industrial injuries. Emergency and after-hours services are available for work-related injuries at the Lutheran, Dupont and St. Joseph hospital emergency rooms.

Case Management
Each employee who utilizes BHS for a workman's comp injury is assigned a case manager to ensure he or she is receiving prompt, appropriate care in a timely and cost-effective manner. Case managers follow patients through their recovery and document all progress on the Industrial Client System, a software program accessible to RediMed facilities. The program enables physicians and therapists to customize therapy, track the progression of care and communicate progress to the employee, the employer, the workman's compensation carrier and the medical provider. Case managers follow critical pathways for common injuries to ensure the injured worker moves through the system in an efficient manner.