Safety Consulting Services

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Some work-related injuries can be avoided by implementing proper risk management steps. While identifying the problem is usually not difficult, determining a solution can be a challenge. Our specialists will work with your company to identify problems and develop solutions based on your company’s goals and budget.

Safety consulting fees are based on whether a senior consultant, licensed physical therapist or physical therapist assistant provides the service.

Injury Prevention Training

RediMed offers customized, classroom-style sessions taught by staff specializing in workplace injury prevention.

Advanced Class

This 60-minute session teaches both pre-work stretching routines for general tasks as well as methods for minimizing the risk of injury when performing stressful tasks. Class size is limited to 25, with a four-class maximum per day.

Intermediate Class

This 30-minute session may either focus on job hazards and injury prevention or job-specific stretching routines. Class size is limited to 25, with a six-class maximum per day.

Basic Class

This 20-minute session is a non-job specific stretching class. Class size is limited to 25, with a six-class maximum per day.

Job Placement Assessments

Employees have the right to work in a safe, productive environment. The RediMed physical therapy team offers a comprehensive, customized job-assessment service to help you achieve this goal. Whether you’re addressing a particular concern or simply looking for ways to improve productivity, we can help.

Job Risk Assessments

This assessment is used to analyze the risk of injury to individual body parts during a particular task or job. We will provide your company with a report that scores those risks in five categories: posture, velocity, repetition, duration and force.

You may opt for a more basic assessment, which provides a review of the job without a report. Our consultant will observe specific situations and provide verbal recommendations.

Functional Job Descriptions

This analysis rates the physical demands of more than 60 tasks. We will provide your company with a standardized protected Excel spreadsheet report that can be used to communicate a job’s demands–either to a new employee, a temporary agency or a treating physician, or in litigation for a work-related disability case. The fee for this assessment covers one task and one employee on any single day.

You may opt for a Train-the-Trainer course, which allows you to develop three distinct job tasks customized to your company. Our instructors provide templates with editing instructions and are available to audit your final documents.